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Welcome to Chestermere Smiles Dental! We are proud to offer the community of Chestermere a comprehensive and comfortable oral health care experience.

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At Chestermere Smiles Dental, we take a comprehensive approach to patient care. Our team will take the time to present you with photos and show you our reasoning behind our treatment recommendations. We place a strong emphasis on transparency and would like to be your partner in achieving your oral health care goals. This can range from simple maintenance to a complete smile makeover. We can also offer an evaluation of jaw joint pain and TMJ treatment. Whatever your goals may be, we are here to help educate and facilitate!

Our team never forgets that there is a unique person attached to every tooth and we can tailor our treatment to your desires while providing you with a complete range of options for your optimal health and well being. We will never be offended if you choose the option of “no treatment” and will always educate you as to the risks and benefits of all our recommendations.

Our goal is to create a comfortable and friendly environment for our community so that the stress of coming to the dentist can be a thing of the past.

We truly believe that YOU are in control of your health and we would LOVE to help you achieve your goals.

We look forward to seeing you!

We are proud to follow the 2018 Alberta Dental Association (ADA) fee guide.  It is our goal to provide quality dental care at a fair and reasonable cost to our patients.

Our Fees

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“At Chestermere Smiles Dental, your HEALTH, your SMILE, and providing EXCELLENT care and customer service are our top priorities.”

Dr. Ellis and our team invest in continuing education each year. The exciting world of dentistry changes constantly, and we are dedicated to giving our patients the best care and state-of-the-art technology available. In our inviting office, you’ll find peace of mind, allowing you to relax while we care for and craft your gorgeous smile. Rest assured, you’ll be in good hands!

Did you know your dentist can provide you a gorgeous smile AND help improve your overall health?


All Services performed by General Dentists

TMJ Therapy

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction colloquially referred colloquially referred to as TMJ is thought to affect 2,043,096 of adults mostly between the ages of 20 and 40. While TMJ is more common in women than in men and is not life-threatening.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone (O3) is a gas composed of three atoms of oxygen and has been used in medicine for treating a variety of illness including Cancer, Aids and Multiple Sclerosis.  In dentistry we are using Ozone therapy to kill bacteria, fungus, and viruses, which are often found in the mouth

General Dentistry

From complete oral exams that look to prevent bigger problems to cleanings and preventative measures and fillings to stop the growth of cavites. Chestermere Smiles Dental strives to do its best each and every time you are in the chair.

Children's Dentistry

While going to the dentist can cause anxiety for adults, it’s often even less fun for kids. We understand that the noises and smells and the new experiences can be scary, and that’s why we strive to make our dental practice kid friendly! .


Our teeth aren’t always perfect. When teeth come in crooked,  typical treatment involves the use of dental braces or orthodontic retainers. With Invisalign technology, correcting the alignment of your teeth becomes painless and stress-free.


Many Canadians have crowns, bridges, and other types of permanent oral fixtures. When made correctly, these fixtures look nearly identical to natural teeth and can’t be spotted in your smile.

Itero Scanning Machine

Even under the best of conditions, traditional impressions were still uncomfortable, occasionally unreliable and unpleasant tasting. That’s why we’re proud to offer goop-free, full digital impressions with the revolutionary iTero® Element™ Scanner.

Emergency Dental

If you suffer a dental emergency, you can expect us at Langdon Dental to help you. We are equipped to provide treatment for most general dental emergencies including loose and fractured teeth, toothaches, and other conditions.

Chestermere Smiles Dental – Chestermere Dentist
140 E Chestermere Dr #22, click here for directions
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